Rock band Cow on Curry released their first album yesterday and completed what they tried to do for 2 years. The album is named Buäčka and contains 4 songs, averagely lasting 1 minute. Cow on Curry recorded the album online and in nearly the same original lineup, but A.H. was replaced by Oľga Bebečková. The album is free-to-hear on the...

Today, after short period of recording, Imrich Kvajda announced the release of his first album under the pseudonym DJ Vemeno. It contains 7 new songs and lasts 13 minutes and 8 seconds. The album is called Bruh and, as Kvajda says, it demonstrates that the people that can't play any musical instruments can also compose good songs.

Today, P.L. established the second television channel in Baránok. It is named TV HNOJ and it will publish funny videos every Monday and Friday. Shortly after establishment, the channel got a big support from the citizens.

First ever Baranese book was published today. It is named Politics of Baránok and was written by Imrich Kvajda. It is a small book explaining how the political system of Baránok operates.

On today morning, the first ever university in Baránok was established. It is named the University of Gyögiszertár. The university was supposed to be established on 1 April 2020, but that did not happen. Imrich Kvajda became the acting Rector. There are three classes about Baránok on the university: History of Baránok, Geography of Baránok and...

Today, DJ Vemeno recorded a new song called OIIII. It is his first song after months of inactivity. His last song was published around October 2019. Then, he had a six-month pause, but now, he re-started his career. The song last 1 minute and 2 seconds, but it wasn't released yet.