1 year from Połiak-Baránok: A history of the "Federation that failed"

On 18 January 2021, Baránok was celebrating the new national holiday: The Establishment Day of Połiak-Baránok. As you could have already read on the MicroWiki page, Połiak-Baránok was a federation which consisted of Baránok and the neighbouring state of Połiak, which separated from Baránok only 2 days before creation of the Federation.


Before we go to the establishment, we must look what happened before it.

On 23 December 2019, the Government of M.B. was de facto dissolved after the MPs of the People's Alliance left the coalition and early election was called. The election was scheduled to be held sometimes in the beginning of January 2020, but were never organised and Baránok fell into inactivity.

A new country is born

Everything was going fast: On 16 January 2020, a part of Baranese citizens separated from Baránok and established Połiak. Another citizen left Baránok, explaining that he was bored. 2 days later, the ťwo countries established the Połiak-Baránok federation, although the Połiakese President S.D. first did not want to do it.

2 months of unstability

In the presidential election on 20 January 2020, the Połiakese President, S.D., won, although the runner-up, S.S., said that it is unfair, as he had the same number of votes as him, which was not true, because one voter voted after the election ended. Parliamentary election were held on 25 February after a month of hiatus. The Social Democrats won with 13 votes, but Połiak, our nation and the Baranese National Party objected that they have won, as they created a coalition before election, but nothing like that happened. They created an illegitimate government. Its creation nearly caused dissolution of the country, when Imrich Kvajda and A.H. created the Third Republic of Baránok, but after 20 minutes, it was dissolved. Kvajda then became the new PM.

S.S.-gate and dissolution

On 18 March 2020, the S.S.-gate happened, which resulted into removing S.S. from the Post of the Minister of Defence. P-B then went into another hiatus, which lasted only 5 days. Then, the referendum about dissolution of P-B was organised and succeeded. 23 March 2020 marked an end to the Połiak-Baránok era.