Parliamentary election: Free Baránok wins, S&S-SD extra-parliamentary


Results of the parliamentary election were announced today. Surprisingly, a liberal party Free Baránok won with 6 votes and 30%. CDA and DaC came second with 25%, Republicans were third with 15%. But the least unexpected moment was when it was announced that S&S-SD came last with 5% and became an extra-parliamentary party with only 1 vote. This will be the first composition of the Baranese parliament where the leader of S&S-SD S.S. will be not. Also, DaC gained 2 seats in the Federal Assembly, which is the best result for them from their establishment. The designated PM is K.Č., the leader of Free Baránok.

The composition of the FA:

K.Č. (FB)

M.B. (FB)

P.L. (DaC)

Th.L. (DaC)

Juraj Hriko (CDA)

V.L. (CDA)

Imrich Kvajda (R)