Today, Baránok is celebrating one year from its Declaration of Independence, which was signed by head politicians of the country. A military parade was supposed to be held, but because of COVID-19, it was not held. Although Baránok was established in 2018, it formally declared independence from Slovakia in 2019.

Yesterday, a new coalition and a new political party were established. First, the party For decent and modern Baránok (ZSAMB) by Oľga Bebečková, and shortly after, she for her party, J. Hriko for Liberals, I. Kvajda for Social Democrats and S.S. for S&S-SD signed a treaty about creating a new coalition of opposition parties, named Baranese...

Baránok officialy entered the Union Against Micronational War (UAMW) today, after voting in the Federal Assembly. 4 MPs voted yes and 3 did not vote.

A few days ago, O. Bebečková announcee her departure after nearly a half of a year in it. She said that she will re-establish her old party ZSAMB.

The President of CDA Juraj Hriko (T.L.) announced today that the Conservative Democratic Alliance is renaming. The new name of the party is the Liberal Party of Baránok, but Liberals will be used more commonly. First, Hriko considered to leave CDA and establish Liberals alone, but then, O. Bebečková joined him and it was decided only to rename CDA....

The Vineyards Council approved today that the new name of the Republic of Vineyards will be the Republic of New Pennsylvania.