On yesterday morning, the Admirals of the navy J. Hriko and I. Kvajda announced that two ships of the Baranese Navy, aircraft carrier Gyögiszertár and frigate T-Rex will be decommisioned after 7 months in service. After the decommisioning ceremony, the ships were scrapped and their bridges were put in to museum.

A new bank was established today in Baránok. It's founder is Imrich Kvajda and is named the Bertold Bank. The new bank is also the first ever private bank in the country.

The Baranese mark has replaced euro as the new currency of Baránok. It will be valid from 1 August 2020, when, as Imrich Kvajda and Juraj Hriko (the two that developed the mark) said, "the Baranese economy will begin to prosper".

Today, it was revealed that the establishment of the Supreme Court of Baránok is possible. S.S. and Imrich Kvajda support this idea. PM Juraj Hriko says that he doesn't know if the Court will be established yet.

On this day, the BASA (Baranese Space Agency) was established by Imrich Kvajda and P.L. It has headquarters in Gyögiszertár.

Today, 1st Admiral of Navy I. Kvajda announced that Navy bought two ships that they were interested in, ex-PH/SKian destroyers Wolfgang and Ján. Wolfgang was renamed to Vetzlandia (Baranese name for now defunct J. Hriko's micronation Toland/Toulsland) and Ján to Tol City (capital of Toland/Toulsland).

On 19th May, I. Kvajda's ,,private micronation" PH/SK was dissolved. Its Nay had two ships, destroyers Wolfgang and Ján. Another micronation, Tocrossia, wants them for spare parts, but our navy wants them too to commision them, as 1st Admiral Kvajda said. No one currently knows what will be the fate of these two destroyers.