Today, the first political party in Talcon's history was established. The Democratic Party was established by Imrich Kvajda and has currently got 2 members.

Today is a great day for Talcon. After a month of inactivity, the Emperor's Council voted today about the new capital of Riparian Woodlands. This proposal was approved unanimously. Riparian Woodlands replaced the Druid Forest Island as the capital city of our country. Emperor also accepted the proposal of one of the EC's members to allow political...

The Emperor approved the proposal to have diplomatic relations with Pinang today. The text of the treaty is the same as when Baránok signed it with this country. It is our second diplomatic relation.

The election to the Emperor's Council, which were held yesterday, were annulated today by the Emperor after the Electoral Commision found a fraud, with 7 people voting (Talcon has 6 citizens). The election will be re-held tommorow. The person who did the fraud did not confess to this day and will probably stay unknown for a long time.

The Emperor announced today the date of election to the Emperor's Council (EC). It will be on Saturday, the 7th of February. The EC will have 3 seats and 3 is the exact number of candidates which announced their candidature today: Imrich Kvajda, M.M. and Ma.M. The candidates can register to Friday.

Imrich Kvajda and S.S. are working on a new micronation from yesterday, which will be the successor of Baránok. We currently know only about the flag of the new nation, which looks like this:

After 2 years and 9 months, Baránok was dissolved on this morning. The Federal Assembly voted about it and a majority of MPs voted for the proposal. Baránok was dissolved after last 2 months of political unstability.